Meditation Manual 8

Spiritual path (1)

Inner Peace



If our mind is polluted, e.g. with fears, angers and negativity, we have to remind ourselves that we are on a spiritual path. This is a journey of inquiry into life and self discovery! Through crisis, we get to know ourselves and others more.

“Spiritual practice” doesn’t mean that we are hiding in the mountains. It is a daily living with people you like and dislike. For earth living, we are to engage with the society, share its problem and struggle with others to overcome negativity that leads us into suffering!

To help others to overcome their problems, we must solve our own problems, heal our pains first. Instead of telling others what to do, do we have 10 minutes every day to calm our mind and bring out our inner peace?

To have world peace, or to bring peace back to Hong Kong, it has to begin with the individual: you and me! Peace isn’t external or given. It’s from within!

Human emotions are infectious. A little smile to people around you is the best medicine of pain and suffering. A peaceful mind and a peaceful smile are the

foundation of our spiritual practice.

Let’s look inward to our mind. Peace from within! Let’s meditate on Peace!