Meditation Manual 7


We are living in a polluted environment. Not only in the sense of pollution of air, water and food. Pollution in our subconscious mind is corrupting our soul! 


Around us, there are hatred, greed, selfishness, jealousy, injustice and violence. We do know that all these are 'bad'. However, negative energy sometime is like an infectious disease, even you do not want to have it, you got it. 

The danger is that all these negativities could be absorbed without knowing. It could get to our subconscious mind level. Thinking of the people we meet, the society we live in, the TV and video we watch. Everything, good and bad, is going through us like radio wave. 

That's why it is always tough to be social workers, psychiatrists and councilors etc. Or for people who have to face lots of negative human conditions.  At one level you are helping, at another level you are unconsciously absorbing their problem, trouble or simply you are absorbing their energy!!!!!

On a spiritual path, cleansing is very important to our body, mind and soul. Coming home, we must clear the energy we may absorb from others or the environment. 

 To do self cleansing, we start with grounding, absorbing good energy from the universe and then draw a cho ku Rei to ourselves.

 We should often cleanse our home energy, esp if you share your living space with others. 

If you can practice cleansing every day before meditation, you definite feel you are protected, emotionally more stable and more at peace from within!


If possible, once in a while, go up to the mountains, absorbing fresh air and spiritual energy. If doing often, life could be transformed!