Meditation Manual 5

Let Go

Spiritual practice is a life journey. It's your own journey. We must remind ourselves that we come here to learn and share with others our learning experiences. We don't come here to compete with others. We are living in constant competitions.  Spiritual journey isn't a competition with others.

The more you desire to be better than others, the further you are away from it. Because the 'desire' holds you back. The more you want to progress, the less likely you can achieve this. We must let go. 

We begin the spiritual practice with kindness. The purpose of spiritual practice isn't to show off our progression. The purpose is to seek inner peace, be loving and be kind to all sentient beings.

Be a virtue and spiritual person, all other abilities like stronger intuition will come with it. The purpose of practicing isn't seeking intuition, for example. Stronger intuition is a result of spiritual practice.

If our purpose to practice is to gain stronger intuition, there is a danger that we will lose sight of our life purpose and get on the evil path. And this could be dangerous!!!

With a loving and kind hearted attitude, we will not be afraid of getting on the wrong
path. We can grow gradually in this spiritual journey.

Today, let's spend time meditate on LET GO. Let go our anger, let go our worries, let go our fears, let go our unhappy past, let go all the negativity.

Be peaceful and be kind!