Meditation Manual 4

Our World is the Reflection of the Mind (4)




In meditation manual 1, we talked about negativity a little bit. Let’s get to this topic today. We often mistakenly stated that our minds and others minds are totally separated. We think our existence is not affected by others existence. But when we are with other people or communicating with them our minds interact far more than we may realize. In a sense, our mind is linked to everyone else in a kind of collective consciousness.

We may not notice that our happiness or sadness in fact, is affecting people around us. Like if you see a family member come home with a big smile and good news, you will be affected by such positive energy. Very likely, your mood will be changed. You will share this happy moment with him/her.

On the contrary, if someone comes into your office and shouts at you or someone else is crying like a baby, your mood will be affected instantly. This is how ones emotion affects another person and we pick up other people’s moods and energy very quickly.

Often we blame others for our misfortune. It is so easy for us to criticize our spouse, our family, our parents, our friends, our boss, the society and the government. But we must remember that if we have too much negativity toward others, we ourselves would be filled with negative thoughts. These thoughts can easily transform into anger and hatred. Our faces can easily turn worried and sad!

Look into the mirror and see how we look. Film yourself for a change. We will probably be shocked to see a different person. You may ask: What’s the problem with me?

Negative thoughts and negative energy bring us negative life experience. If our mind is full of others mistakes and or we blame ourselves, we will not be happy, we will not be contained!

We must stop all these negativities. Remove them from our minds!

It’s important to have critical thinking. But critical thinking can easily be transformed into negative thoughts. We must not be controlled by negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts hurt our souls and negative words hurt others’ souls. Our daily life experience is closely related to our minds. A beautiful mind comes with a beautiful life!

To bring love and peace and compassion to our family, friends and society, we have to start with removing negative thoughts and negative words both about others and ourselves.

Reiki can help release negativity from our mind and body. Let’s do grounding of all negativities. In our meditation practice, we have to learn to remove negative thoughts in our mind. So empty our minds. Today

  1. let’s empty our minds for 10 mins.
  2. let’s meditate on Love and compassion.