Meditation Manual 3

Our World is the Reflection of the Mind (3)

Inner strength


With the discontent among Hong Kong citizens, we can be irritated by the energy around us. We may then feel tired or even depressed. We must remind ourselves not to be angry with the situation as we can’t change the situation with anger. It will only hurt our spirits and increase negativity among others.
Feeling down, feeling hopeless or helpless is not going to change a thing.
Hence, we should stop all the negative feelings and thoughts. Remove them in the meditation session.

1. Let’s calm our mind, calm our emotions in the first half of the meditation.

2. In face of a challenging time in HK, we must build up our inner strength, so that we don’t get upset and angry easily. To build up inner strength, we must seek inner peace first.

Let’s meditate on INNER PEACE. Peace from within.