Meditation Manual 2

Our World is the Reflection of the Mind (2)

Worrying soul

During our daily life, we are full of worries. During meditation, often we have lots of thoughts coming out. Looking closer, those thoughts in fact are mostly worries; or something not important. We must understand that no matter how much we worry, we can't improve the situation. Things won't get better with worries. We need to think about problems and consider ways we might solve them or reduce them. We must educate our mind to relax. Its problem solving, not worrying that helps us.

How can we be calm and peaceful with worries?

Do we really LIVE?

Or we are simply worrying instead of living?

If you come across a worried person, more likely than not you want to run away. Why? Because this worried person looks sad and depressed. The sadness affects your mood and emotions. Usually a worrying person tells you all the negative things and that makes you uncomfortable.


When we talk about LUCK. What is Luck?

Luck isn't something coming to you by chance. Luck is something that you can create by attracting good energy! You must change your energy to positive to catch good luck.

A worrying person give away sad and negative energy. People around this person feel the negativity. Either these people run away or get into trouble with this worrying person. How can a worrying person enjoy a job? Work with colleague and friends in harmony? Be happy with the family?

To get on the spiritual path and attract good luck, we must clear our worries. Be calm and at peace with ourselves. Once our energy transforms, our good energy will attract good luck and kind-hearted people. Our daily life and experience will be completely different! A very depressed world will be transformed to a spiritual and loving world.


All starts from our mind!

Our world is the reflection of our mind! We create our future and good luck!

With the new year of 2012, we must learn how to get rid of worries.

In my view, 2012 is the beginning of a few years of low point of the world in the big cycle. We must not be afraid.

Everything is relative! Without a high point, there is no low point. As we are approaching low point, the long path rising to the high point is on the way!!! 

There is always good in bad; and bad in good! We must learn to be at peace with it.

Wish you all good luck and happy New Year!