Meditation Manual 1

Our World is the Reflection of the Mind (1)

Our Mind

Every breathe is a journey of inquiry into life and ultimate self-discovery. Understanding ourselves, we must understsand our mind.

We are learning how to transform society toward peace, through the process of transforming the individual. 
To change the society, we must change ourselves first. Often we blame others. We blame the society. Who are in this society? Us! Instead of going outward, lets go inward.

Negative thoughts:
Often we blame others for our misfortune: My teachers know nothing; My boss is an idiot; My parents didn't raise us probably,;My boyfriend doesn't take care of me the way I want him to; The society is not going the right direction; The government is crap; I'm so unlucky etc etc.
Negative thoughts and energy bring us negative life experiences. We can paint our world and create our fortune. Our mind creates our world, our life experiences! Positive thoughts bring positive life experience, negative thoughts bring negative experience.
It starts from the MIND, our own MIND and our inner self.
Meditation can help understand our mind. Meditation is a time when you are at peace with yourself and be alone. Looking inward. Seeing what's on your mind.

For example,

Getting on a bus, a man pushed you and said some bad thing to insult you for no good reason. If we carry negative thoughts and energy, we would get angry and start to shout or even to fight. But if we could have a calm mind, we may think: 'Oh, this young man must be having a very bad day or perhaps even tragic life experience and that is why he was so aggressive to a stranger.' Instead of getting hostile, with our compassion, we feel sorry for him. Naturally, we will not get into a fight but feel sorry for him.
With a different mindset, our daily experience can be totally different. Our world is peaceful even after we have encountered some unreasonable person. More likely than not too our calm response will relax the man and spread the calmness!

Let's meditation on calmness.