Meditation Manual 10

Spiritual Path (3)

Discover our wisdom



From the dawn of our existence, humans have sought the meaning of life on this planet. We instinctively feel that there must be a meaning of life or a purpose in life. This is a journey of inquiry into life and self-discovery.

Lots of people are looking for meaning, seeking a purpose, gaining wisdom.  Whenever we are looking outward, often than not, we feel that this is an endless journey. We thought we could seek, we thought we could learn. In fact, this is nothing more than just looking inward.

We may think gaining wisdom is by studying and learning. The word GAIN means getting it from outside. Unfortunately, spending our life time to seek, more likely than not, we may fail.

Everyone is a fountain of wisdom!

We don’t need to go out to seek or gain it. Wisdom is from within. It’s inside us. It’s a matter of discovery.

Spiritual path is not a static condition or a state in which one can rest complacently. It is a dynamic experience and a journey of continual development and discovery.  On this path, we discover our true nature, our wisdom.

Let’s meditate on wisdom.