Meditation manual 11

Spiritual path
Be happy for others' good fortune.
Every new year, we often set a new set of goals and wish ourselves good luck. 
This year, what about wishing the person next to you good luck? Or 送上祝福?
When we heard of the good news of others, how often are we happy for others? Or are being jealous of others' good fortune? Thinking why isn't this good luck mine? Why don't I deserve such career success or happiness in relationships? Jealousy can't help us become a better person. Instead, this kind of thought and attitude actually corrupts our mind and helps attract bad energy and hence bad luck. Our aura may turn grey.
Perhaps the beginning of 2013 is the time to learn to be compassionate to all sentient beings, including dogs and cats! Feeling happy for others' good fortune is a good practice to change the negative mind to a positive one. Only a kind heart and an uncorrupted mind help us gain positive energy. Good luck will then follow. Our respect and positive attitude towards others is the beginning of our self-love learning process.
On the spiritual path, it's not just a self-cultivation process, it's also the path to learn to love others and help them get to the other shore. 彼岸!
Today let's wish the person next to you good luck. 送上祝福。After calming our mind in meditation, lets send our positive energy to others.
Jan 15, 2013