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香江情懷 Hong Kong Global Network (HKGN),原本是一班移居安大略湖畔的香港人,嬰兒潮的一代,懷緬昔日香江歲月,生活點滴,願意在大多市延續香江的生活情懷。透過飲食、清談、音樂、電影等活動保存及延續香江文化情懷和價值心態。在運作的過程,發現香江文化情懷對加拿大的青年、香港以外的族群,包括主流社會的加拿大人都引起共鳴。於是發起一些活動,將香港文化推介給崇尚多元文化的加國人。


Dimension,一隊由加拿大青年創作人、歌手、音樂人組成的樂隊。作為青年樂隊,他們既創作自己的音樂,亦會從中外搖滾經典中吸取養分。他們即使演奏the Beatles、Beyond、羅文、陳百強的作品亦加入自己的風格。要八十後九十後喜歡父母輩的樂曲殊不容易,要這班長於加拿大的青年演繹香港上一代的樂曲要克服更大的文化鴻溝。從他們的演奏發覺他們已經成功克服了年歲與文化的隔閡,將香港音樂的部分精粹保存下來,為上一輩的港人勾起溫暖的回憶,又向年青一代的港人加人示範推介香港流行音樂的經典

Hong Kong Global Network (HKGN) was initiated by a group of Hong Kong immigrants to Canada. Most are members of the boomer generation who miss the good old days in Hong Kong. We wanted to explore and rediscover our connections to Hong Kong through soft culture such as food, drinks, music, film and talks. Our aim is to preserve and celebrate Hong Kong’s life-style and special character. During our activities, we discovered that our liking for Hong Kong culture is shared by the younger generation of Hong Kong immigrants, and even by mainline ethnic groups in Canada. We decided to promote our culture to the multi-cultural Canadian milieu through various activities.

We are working with a group of young Canadian musicians, some of them born in Hong Kong. They are able to interpret Hong Kong Cantonese pop songs of the 1980's while creating their own music in both Cantonese and English. Dimension is a group formed by young Canadian singers, songwriters and musicians. Highly talented, they are able to play music from another generation and continent with their own style. They have succeeded in overcoming the cultural and generation barriers. Their music preserves the essence of Hong Kong music while adding a contemporary and North American flavour. Audiences from boomer to the millennium generation, from Hong Kong to Canada, register 'likes' to their music.

HKGN is a non-profit organization running by volunteers. We are governed by a board of directors, and the first directors are:
Joseph Kaung 江大惠 (Chairman 會長), Man Sai-Cheong 文世昌, Stanley So 蘇凌峰, Stephen Siu 蕭顯揚, Aileen Lam 林綺雲, Joseph Wong 黃文偉, John Calverley, Grace Tang 趙惠明.

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